Bachelor in Counseling 

The bachelor's degree Counseling Science is a Christian program that was designed to prepare professionals, or extend the professional ministry of those who have a special sensitivity, who have a connection and desires to assist people in whom multiple circumstances suffer conflicts or emotional and spiritual problems . The bachelor's degree in counseling science offers extensive counseling training combined with human development courses and is supported by content from other areas that enable the student to develop tactical interpersonal intervention skills.

Any diagnosis and / or treatment of physical problems will be referred to the appropriate physician.

Students who complete a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Counseling Science should be able to:

Integrate Christian principles into critical thinking and decision making; Identify effective interpersonal relationship skills; Summarize great advice, development and personality counseling theories; Apply psychological theories to life situations.

All of our programs are offered pursuant to Section 1005.06 (1) (f), FS and pursuant to Rule 6E-5.001, Fla, Admin. Code.

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General Education

Global Times

Introduction to Study of the Bible

Temperaments I

Study Methods & Techniques

General Psychology


​Methodology of Scientific Work


Introduction to Clinical Philosophy

Introduction to Psychoanalysis

Counseling Theories and Practice

Temperaments II


General Education

History of mankind according to the Scriptures

Philosophical Thought

Study of man and his culture

Psychoanalytic Theory I and II

Composition I

Effective Communication​


​Biological Basis of Substance Abuse

Personality Disorders

Career Development

Counseling in Community Settings


General Education

Biological Science

Introduction to Humanities

Diplomacy Studies


Premarital Counseling

Family Counseling

Counseling with Seniors

Christian Counseling in Times of Crisis

Group Therapy

Personality Theory: Self-Esteem

Documentation and Files

Cognitive Therapeutic Techniques in Counseling

Reconciliation of Broken Marriages

Family Constellation System

Freudian Clinic and Psicanalitica


General Education

Introduction to Social Psychology


Biblical References of the Christian Council

Counseling the Divorced

Group Dynamics

Psychology of Behaviorism in Christian Counseling

Counseling Children of Divorce

Family Systems, Functional / Dysfunctional

Counseling Children, Youth, and Aging

Family Groups and Social Links

Biblical Psychology

Faith-Based Approaches to Clinical Intervention

Completion of course work

Duration of the course

The durations of the offered programs are in agreement with what was established by the independent education commission in rule 6E 2004 (4) FAC. 240 Credits (3600h)

Criteria for applying

1.Ter Certificate of High School
2. Have financial conditions to pay the Program
3. Possess Internet connection
4. Take time to study online
Duration: 4 years
240 Credits

Documents Required for Registration

The documents that must be submitted for registration: • Identity Card or Functional Identity (within the validity period)
• CPF (For Brazilian Students)
• Birth or Marriage Certificate
• Electoral Title (For Brazilian Students)
• Declaration of discharge with the Electoral Justice
• Reserves card (only for male candidates)
• Proof of residency updated no later than 90 (ninety) days
• 2 photos 3 × 4
• High School Certificate
• Academic History or equivalent

Conclusion Documents

1. Diploma
2. Comprehensive Report
2. Notary Public
3. Apostille
4. List of Disciplines (Ementario)

How to enroll

To enroll you must complete the enrollment form, course contract and letter of intent. Write to: requesting the enrollment process.


To know the total investment of the Course write to us informing your country. Apply only if you are eligible according to the requirements set by the course. The Master's Candidate must, necessarily, have a Recognized Undergraduate Course. e-mail: