The Undergraduate Course in Theology offers a solid general and human formation, dialoguing between faith and reason. His general and Christian training enables him to have common sense in speaking, writing, and acting in accordance with Christian principles. By learning to do everything with wisdom, you seek a vision of the world and people from God's perspective.

​To be a theologian nowadays is to be able to transit and act in a qualified way both in the religious as in the secular, having a broad and growing job market. The theologian can be pastor, missionary, leader, chaplain, teacher, writer, speaker or lecturer. It can provide regular courses in elementary and secondary education and also short courses in extension in churches, seminars, schools, institutions, companies.

​The Theology degree has a high degree of recognition both in churches that appreciate pastors and qualified leaders.

The degree in Theology also envisages offering the student the opportunity to work secularly, whether as a teacher, researcher or lecturer. The degree in Theology allows the student to enter a public competition and can act, for example, in the area of ​​Military Chaplaincy, Hospitalar, professor of religious education.

​The professional trained in the Theology course finds several areas of action in the job market. Check the main ones:

Ministry: Preparing for the religious ministry is the goal of most students of Theology. Trained professionals can assist and conduct worship in religious communities, convents, colleges, universities, hospitals, prisons, military corporations and other organizations or corporations.

Research: The Theology professional can work by doing historical research, studying religious traditions or interpreting doctrines, sacred texts and religious dogmas. It can also make analysis and interpretation of the influence that religion exerts on a certain social group.

Teaching: The professional degree in Theology can teach religion at all levels of education, or work in educational projects of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and religious centers.

Companies: Several companies employ these professionals to provide support and increase the efficiency of teams. Petrobras, for example, hires theologians to support the offshore platforms teams.

Editorial market: The Theology professional can also act as a writer, producing books and magazines focused on religious themes.

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