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The Sciences of Religion study the religious phenomenon in its multiple historical, social and cultural contexts. Based on the contribution of the various theoretical instruments, from the human sciences, it seeks, in an interdisciplinary way, to analyze the different manifestations, in their multiple contextualities, that religions assume in their relationship with culture and society.

As an unparalleled space, this program emerges, giving support to this field of research.

The Master of Science in Religion aims to assist professionals in Theology, Sociology, Anthropology, History, as well as other areas that have some relationship with the Sciences of Religion, provided they present research projects related to the lines being offered, increasing the development Research in this area.

The Master's aims are:

1. Provide conditions for the development of research within the characteristics of the Program, in order to meet the demand of the Region for qualified professionals;

2. To prepare professionals of Sciences of the Religion and related areas for the production of the scientific knowledge in its areas of professional activity;

3. To prepare teachers, researchers as well as interested professionals with the religious phenomenon in contemporary society.

There are 72 study and research credits


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Criteria for applying:

1.To have Bachelor's degree

2.Fill in the proposed Charter
3. Send Updated Curriculum
4. Choose the Search Line
5. Produce the Pre Project

Duration: 2 years
72 Credits

Conclusion Documents: 

1. Certificate
2. Comprehensive Report
2. Notary Public
3. Apostille
4. List of Disciplines (Ementario)

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