Project Hope

Project Hope is the flagship social outreach program of Logos University International - Unilogos, and is intended to enable the formation and training of individuals to become dynamic contributors to society and the cultures of their residence. By its design, the project applies upper-level ministerial, along with practical secular life skills that will assist program participants in becoming people who are able to think with humility and with an humanitarian outlook. 


Through this programmatic effort, it is our hope that individuals develop and assume mentoring and/or teaching functions in higher level courses, thus being able to star in interaction within their respective social and  Christian communities, both in an educational, as well as, professional manner.


The education offered at all levels within Project Hope is completely without cost. To participate in the project you need to contact the Social Commission of the  Logos University International. 

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Director: Dr. Carlos Alexandre C. Leite

Brasilia - DF
Director: Dr. Nilton Elias


Santa Cruz da La Sierra

Director: Dr. Uanderson Pereira da Silva

Vice Director: MSC. Lic. José Luis Miranda Aldunate


Director: Dr. Alwin Roland


Director General: Dr. Uanderson P. da Silva

Partners and collaborators

Each contributes according to proposed in his heart; not with sadness or of necessity; because God loves the giving with joy. 2 Corinthians 9:7





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+381 61 6959675 - SRB

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