Master in Business Administration


The Master of Business Administration with a Christian emphasis has the objective of training new scientists and preparing teachers for the teaching profession.

Currently the Administration in the religious area has been increasing a lot and therefore it is necessary to professionalize and train new Administrators with content and technique capable of doing the Management in a professional way, according to the current needs.

The objective of the course is to train scientifically and direct the researcher to a set of activities listed in a data integration that broadens the horizon of their knowledge, passing through the comprehension of the complexity of the development of the formation of the individual's social and psychological intellect, and their profile at the same time understand the relation of being and the interference in his psycho-intellectual with the evolving social disturbances and the new administrative technologies.

The program comprises the training of the master researcher, promoter of development, activities and research methods in the administrative area as a whole, emphasizing the socio-historical and religious knowledge, management, psychology, Administrative Management of individuals and companies, ministers and pastors.

In the mentioned Master, the epistemological approaches; Philosophical; Psychoanalytic and intellectual-social and religious psychologies permeate interdisciplinarily and are addressed in the integration of research.

There are 72 study and research credits

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