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Prof. Dr. Tonis Breidel Hadjidemetriou




Through the Modern African Studies (MafS) programs offered by Logos University Int. students will come to explore aspects and understand facts surrounding contemporary Africa by expanding simultaneously their knowledge in a wide range of areas related to Africa.

All programs are offered as e-learning study.


Educational Programs:


Diploma in Modern African Studies

Master in Modern African Studies

Doctorate in Modern African Studies


Diploma in African Studies


Not available at the moment.


Master in Modern African Studies


A new, quick-gaining and off-campus Master’s degree is offered by the Faculty of Modern African Studies to students and researchers around the globe. Students can create their own individual programs from a wide range of courses offered.

The MAfS Master’s educational program consists of core modules (obligatory courses) and a range of optional modules.

Students can have allocated credits based on prior knowledge acquired through study or practice as well as for qualifications in any relevant field.

In the United States of America, the education department classifies the Master's degree as academic or professional research. Usually lasts for two years and holds in 60 - 120 credits.


There are two methods of obtaining a Master’s degree:

(1) With a Thesis or Master’s Research Project = 72 ECTS (credits) or 36 semester units broken down as follows:

A. Study = 60 ECTS (credits) or 30 semester units
B. Thesis or Research Project = 12 ECTS (credits) or 6 semester units
(2) Without Thesis or Master’s Research Project = 96 ECTS (credits) or 48 semester units

Master’s degree program outline



Successful conclusion of:

(A)  Study of 60 credits Modules (core 36 plus minimum optional 24) and 12 credits for a Master’s Thesis of 35 to 40 pages DIN A4, 12pt Helvetica.

(B)  Without a Master’s Thesis, through a study of 96 credits Modules (core 36 plus minimum optional 60).

Doctorate in Modern African Studies


The Doctor’s degree can be acquired through independent study in understanding and communication with the tutor.

The MAfS Doctor’s educational program requires a major research of a minimum of one year and finally an elaboration and presentation of Dissertation for its conclusion.

Honorary Doctor in Modern African Studies


The Honorary Doctorate can be awarded by the University as acknowledgment to a qualified person’s notable scholarly career in regard to Africa.


Entry requirements:


Candidates for a Master’s degree should possess a Bachelor's degree from any university in a relevant subject and have a good command of the English language.

Candidates for a Doctor’s degree should possess a Master’s degree from any university in a relevant subject and have a good command of the English language.




No traditional classes !

Studying home !

Constant contact with your tutor !

The durations of the offered programs are in agreement with what was

established by the  independent education commission in rule 6E 2004 (4) FAC.


All Logos University Int. programs are offered pursuant to

Section 1005.06 (1) (f), FS and pursuant to Rule 6E-5.001, Fla, Admin. Code.

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