Message  from the Rector

Manifesto for International Education

Today I decided to write to you about international education.


From corner to corner we visualize several passive educational systems, where the first step of the education process is based on listening and the second to follow.

Our education needs to change, we need instead of criticizing the new educational models to investigate why in some communities they work much better than our educational model, the convenient model that puts us in a comfortable position.

Educating is a mission, teaching is a divine gift given by few people dedicated to building, building a more conscious and just society.

The world is in constant conflict over what is the best method to advance scientifically, there is a constant duel between faith and science. But what is actually done without faith? Without believing in the conquest or without seeking the motivation to have a good and new idea.

Education involves major internal changes, it involves the stoning of a brute personality into a polished human being. All this is beyond a certificate, this is a noble mission to change, of voluntary improvement in the intimate of each one, in the union of concepts of faith and science.

The Union of educational institutions creates a wide space for debate, the impact of which is often overwhelming and can change even the vision and mission of a teaching academy, so one can not think of a single way of teaching, there is only one way to learn. This is part of the self-feedback of every human being.

Unilogos chose its phrase, a stamp marked in the heart of the institution: "suae quisque fortuna faber".

Yes ... "Man is the architect of his own destiny",  Frank Miller's phrase brings us to our true reward, our harvest, fruit of our choices. Being an architect of one's own destiny is to be intimately connected with his mission of life, with his true will, so each step has a special flavor.

Our greatest dream is to build new dreams and create the possibility of extending pride in the heart of the one who conquers his ideal, his way of living, his dream and his success.

As Rector of this noble Institution I have the mission of being firm without losing my tenderness, I have the mission to lead the process of raising the consciousness of those who come in search of a light, the light of education.


Dr. Gabriel C. D. Lopes, Ph.D
Rector Unilogos®
CRA/MG 06-000917/D
President LUI – Logos University® / Director Califórnia University - South America
ID Professional USA #CU7387-05-0915  - Teacher Register #T055 101 119 607 J
Member President's Education Awards Program – USA
Ambassador Unesco South America





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