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Specialization Courses

The Specialization is a study considered of continuing education and aims to broaden the knowledge acquired by the Religious Science Scientist.

Those who hold a Bachelor's Degree can apply for these courses.

Requires preparation and presentation of monograph for conclusion.

The durations of the offered programs are in agreement with what was established by the independent education commission in rule 6E 2004 (4) FAC.

Our institution has as a desire to prepare professionals to work in the areas of: theology, education, administration, music, fine arts, communication and social service.

All of our programs are offered pursuant to Section 1005.06 (1) (f), FS and pursuant to Rule 6E-5.001, Fla, Admin. Code.

Pursuant to Florida State Statutes Act 1005.06 (d) Continuing Education Courses are not under the jurisdiction or competence of the Commission and are not required to obtain a license.


  1. Religious education

  2. Science of Religion

  3. Comparative Religions

  4. Philosophy of Religion