The Logos University Int.® - Unilogos, Founded in 2006 It was incorporation in the State of Florida. With educational objectives has mission to promote and improve education. Has several National and International agreements quantifying their standard of teaching the most modern requirements.


Acts in the area of theology with training courses, undergraduate, masters and doctorate degrees.

Registered in the State of Florida - USA under no N17000002992 as University for Undergraduate courses, Postgraduate Sensu Lato and stricto sensu, Doctorates Honoris Causa and Academic Title of Meritorious.


We use the Learning System E-Learning in accordance with the permission and the Laws of the State of Florida, USA.

Note: We do not have educational activities in person. We work exclusively through the Virtual Campus of Teaching.

We have Partner Institutions in several countries that promote our partnership.



Coat Logos University


Brings the nobility of central shield with the tree of knowledge and its fruits that is the human being struggling in their pursuit of knowledge.

Flanked with laurel branches of the nobility.



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UN / UNAI Member - Brazil and United States of America

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